A Collaborative project between artists Tricky Walsh, Alicia King and Myself.

1200cc Mary is an experiential installation that engages cross-media/materials to construct an interconnected circularity of disparate installation components that explore bodily metamorphosis and gender fluidity within hallucinatronic-fetishistic sexualised adolescent escapisms. Concentrating conceptual thematics around popular culture, social development and belief systems to configure specific and disordered perspectives exploiting the sanctity of naive faiths.

By the shadow of the neon cross three queers and their shamanic sidekick pussies surveil an abandoned allotment in suburban wasteland. Helmets off by Holy Trinity headquarters, the teens spend the nights scanning the perimeter for signs of enemy intruders. Search lights penetrate the night sky, illuminating surrounding islands which hover with psychic manifestations, in a trail blaze of catholic guilt and chaos...

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