Hunting and Gathering was a show that was exhibited at the SASA gallery in South Australia.
This exhibition allowed us to make a more process driven work where Henri was more 'physically felt' throughout the piece.
Consisting of Stations that housed a maquette, a urine sample, some architectural drafting and model making and collected graffiti, each station existed to construct an overall sense of a particular alleyway under observation by Henri.
This piece in particular has started an interest in a kind of Architectural Orthopaedics (an expansion of the Foucault theory of social orthopaedics) we are looking at the manner in which existence and behaviours can be defined by architecture and the built environment.
Specifically withtin this piece, we are focussing on the ways that particular public space can be inhabited temporarily, and in the right circumstances, construct a perfect environment for illicit behaviours (marking: piss, sex, paint) and inhabiting short/long term (drug acquisition/use, sex, habitating) These research modules were used to assist in the construction of The Collector 3 - a full scale re-creation of one of the 'collected' alleyways.

Beyond that, the other pieces - Henri's saturday morning porn carnival tent, for example - exist within the work as a distraction to the narrative. We like to reinforce with each work the difference between conscious Henri Papin, and his unconscious counterpart personalities, and works that exist as historical moments in the characters life.
The tent is one of these historical components - where we have selected a key moment in the life of young Henri and constructed a hypothesis around it. 
The screen is collaged porn - with the rude bits cut out, and an unrelenting theme tune of mashed saturday morning cartoon theme songs. This plays from the innocuous tent. Inside, and above the stained blankets that carpet the floor of the tent - a collection of 'scout badges' adorns the walls - badges earned by knowledge into deviant sexual practice and/or fetish.