Henri Papin is constructed from various disparate fragments from fiction and history. His multi-personality presents in both conscious and unconscious forms which allows the introduction of fantastical and dream-like elements to exist in tandem to the more overtly 'realistic' elements of his existence as a collector of things.
Historically, the things collected in this project the fictional character Henri Papin have been based on experience; Small tokens and souvenirs taken in order to trigger those important memories that enable Henri to relive the experiences over and over again. It is not so much the objects themselves, although occasionally fetishised, of course – but what they represent that is the coveted quality collected here. Whether that manifests as a lock of hair, a stray thread from a jacket, a discarded note, a certain kind of scent, or a particular sensation; these things etc. are de-constructed and notated thoroughly for future configurations.
Henri is more than the sum of his parts however; he is also a mechanism for telling stories, for examining human behaviour
Slippage then is a reworking of some of Henri’s less obvious motifs.